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Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction in Colleyville, TX

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Sexual Wellness Centers of America and their team of experienced medical professionals have treated diabetic-related ED for years. They believe it’s essential to understand the underlying causes of ED and the stress it can cause. At Sexual Wellness Centers of America’s Colleyville, TX location, you can receive REGENwave™ therapy and other treatments that help restore sexual function, even with diabetes.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) refers to the struggle of getting or keeping an erection strong enough for a fulfilling sexual experience. This issue is increasingly common among men of all age groups. The causes of ED can be diverse, ranging from underlying health issues to lifestyle habits and even emotional factors.

Diabetes is a chronic health condition characterized by elevated levels of sugar in the blood. If not properly managed, diabetes can cause problems that impact multiple body parts over time, such as the blood vessels and nerves essential for sexual health. Diabetes can contribute to ED in the following ways:

  • Vascular damage: Diabetes can potentially harm blood vessels all over the body, including the ones responsible for directing blood to the penis. This limited blood flow can make it challenging to get and sustain an erection.
  • Nerve damage: Elevated blood sugar can result in nerve damage, also known as neuropathy, a frequent side effect of diabetes. Such damage can interfere with the transmission of signals between the brain and the penis, thus affecting the ability to achieve an erection.
  • Hormonal imbalances: Diabetes can throw off the body's hormonal balance, including testosterone levels. Lower testosterone can lead to decreased sexual desire and issues with erections.
  • Medication side effects: Certain drugs prescribed for diabetes management, like specific blood pressure medications, may have side effects that negatively influence sexual function, contributing to ED.

Dealing with ED can profoundly affect the psychological and emotional well-being of individuals with diabetes. The repercussions extend beyond just the physical limitations in sexual activity and may include:

  • Anxiety and stress: ED often leads to performance-related anxiety and stress. The fear of being unable to please a partner or concerns about recurrent issues can worsen the condition.
  • Low self-esteem and confidence: Struggles with erections can take a toll on self-esteem and confidence levels, making one feel less masculine or attractive. This can negatively affect your sense of self-worth and also harm intimate relationships.
  • Relationship strain: ED can put a damper on romantic partnerships, fostering frustration, resentment, and feelings of inadequacy for both parties involved. This could lead to communication issues and a dip in relationship satisfaction.
  • Depression and emotional distress: Managing diabetes is challenging enough, and adding ED to the mix can contribute to depression and emotional distress. The toll this takes on mental health should not be overlooked.

For individuals grappling with diabetes and ED, it's essential to acknowledge these emotional and psychological factors. Consultation with healthcare providers like those at Sexual Wellness Centers in Colleyville, TX, counselors, or support groups can be crucial in effectively managing ED and sustaining a healthy, satisfying sexual relationship.

So happy SWC has a Colleyville office! The place is absolutely beautiful and the staff top notch. Dr. Garza did my pellets and was AMAZING! No bruising at all and completely painless. These have made such a difference in my libido and my husband is a very happy man! Ask about the SHE SHOT when you go. I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you SWC for making such an improvement in my overall wellness!!

J.V. Google

Amazing staff made me feel so comfortable .....very knowledgeable about life changing issues that should not be taboo! Thank you SWC!!

T.M. Google

I am eternally grateful to the Sexual Wellness Centers of America and their Regenmax protocol for transforming my life. They have given me back my confidence, reignited the passion in my relationships, and allowed me to enjoy a fulfilling and satisfying intimate life once again. I wholeheartedly recommend the Sexual Wellness Centers of America and their Regenmax protocol to anyone seeking a comprehensive and effective approach to sexual wellness.

J.D. Google

I'm so greatful to have found SWC of TX! The REGENmax program has worked fantastic. The results have been wonderful and I'm feeling like my once younger self again! I even signed up for the annual maintenace package to ensure the results last well into the future. I highly recommend this program and practice!

T.C. Google

My lab results for my hormones was non existent after my hysterectomy. I thought I was feeling fine, until I had my pellets inserted and then I realized how bad I was feeling! My energy, stamina and drive increased significantly after receiving my pellets. I was nervous about the pellet insertion, but the staff eased my mind and the procedure was quick and easy with minimal discomfort at all. I also completed the vaginal rejuvenation package and feel like a new woman. Definitely recommend.

L. Google


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Sexual Wellness Centers of America and their team of experienced medical professionals understand how to address the physical causes of ED in diabetics through enhanced blood flow and neovascularization.

For example, REGENwave therapy utilizes focused sound waves to stimulate the growth of new blood vessels, a process known as neovascularization. For individuals with diabetes-related vascular damage, this is particularly beneficial. During REGENwave therapy, sound waves stimulate the release of growth elements, boost blood circulation, and help create new blood vessels in the tissue of the penis. This improved blood flow can offset the limited circulation often seen in diabetes, enhancing the capacity to get and keep an erection.

Nerve Regeneration and Neuroprotection

REGENwave therapy has shown promising results in nerve tissue regeneration and neuroprotection. For those suffering from nerve damage due to diabetes, this is noteworthy. The therapy's sound waves trigger the release of growth elements, which enhance nerve activity and promote new nerve growth. By aiding in the repair and defense of nerve tissue, REGENwave therapy can help reestablish the signal communication between the brain and the penis, thereby improving the ability to achieve an erection.

Improved Erectile Function and Quality of Erections

REGENwave therapy has been proven effective for boosting both erectile function and the quality of erections. By improving blood circulation, encouraging the formation of new blood vessels, and aiding nerve renewal, REGENwave targets the root issues causing ED in people with diabetes. The benefits may include a better ability to get and sustain erections and greater erection firmness and longevity, along with renewed sexual spontaneity and self-confidence. As a noninvasive and medication-free option, REGENwave therapy presents an alternative to conventional methods like drugs or injections.

A Non-Invasive and Drug-Free Treatment Option

For those living with diabetes, REGENwave therapy offers a non-invasive, medication-free solution for treating ED. Instead of relying on drugs that could have side effects or be unsuitable for diabetics, REGENwave therapy taps into the body's own healing processes to enhance erectile function. This makes it a safe and easily tolerated treatment choice for those worried about possible drug interactions or negative side effects.

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REGENwave therapy offers multiple key advantages for those dealing with diabetes-induced erectile dysfunction. By targeting the root causes like vascular and nerve damage typical in diabetics, REGENwave therapy delivers improved blood circulation, formation of new blood vessels, nerve repair, and enhanced erectile performance. Given its noninvasive approach, lack of medication-related side effects, and potential for lasting outcomes, REGENwave therapy stands out as a groundbreaking treatment choice for people with diabetes seeking to improve their sexual well-being and overall life quality.

Sexual Wellness Centers of America has successfully treated diabetics with ED for years. While REGENwwave is effective, Sexual Wellness Centers of America in Colleyville, TX can also combine this therapy with other proven treatments to restore healthy sexual function.

Contact us today to book a consultation with one of our qualified providers. What you find out could change your life.

REGENwave therapy offered at our Colleyville, TX location has the potential for long-term results and sustainable improvement in erectile function. The treatment stimulates the body's natural healing response, encouraging ongoing tissue regeneration. While individual results may differ, many individuals experience progressive improvement in erectile function and capability over time with a series of REGENwave treatments. Maintenance sessions may be advised to sustain the outcomes.

What lifestyle changes can help with my diabetes and ED?

There are several things you can do to improve your overall health that could have a direct impact on both your diabetes and ED. Some of these include:

  • Don't smoke
  • Work with a provider to create a nutrition plan right for you
  • Lose weight
  • Exercise or move your body
  • Cut back on alcohol intake
Are diabetic men more at risk for ED?

Men who are diabetic, particularly those with uncontrolled diabetes, may be more at risk for ED. In fact, it could be up to three times more likely in men with diabetes than those without. However, help is available, and we're here for you.

When is it most common for men with diabetes to develop ED?

For men who have diabetes and ED, it most often develops within 10 years of a diabetes diagnosis. It's important to understand, however, that not all men with diabetes will develop ED. Our team can help you create a plan of action that can help.

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