REGENmax is proven to reverse ED 97.2% of the time in clinical studies.

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Another satisfied SWC of USA Patient

Listen to the following SWC of USA patient testimonial. If you have similar conditions as she did, SWC of USA can help you too!

Diabetic Erectile Dysfunction, The ONLY patented cure for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction affects over 40 million men in the US. The percentages of diabetics effected by Erectile Dysfunction is 72% of Diabetics. REGENmax® is the only patented cure for Erectile Dysfunction even for diabetes 97% success rate. Dr.Doug Weiss was gracious to invite us on his show to talk about it.

REGENmax Testimonial

Women and Vaginal Dryness

Dr. Doug Weiss Interviews Jeff Nuziard

Dr. Doug Weiss from Heart to Heart Interviews Jeff Nuziard. The Only patented protocol for the reversal of erectile dysfunction.

Dr. Doug Weiss Sexually strong Vagina

Dr. Doug Weiss interviews Jeff Nuziard on the only patented protocol that reverses erectile dysfunction in men and restores complete vaginal health in women.