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REGENlase™ for sexual dysfunction treatments in Colleyville, TX

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What is REGENlase™?

Our patented use of the REGENlase™ laser treatment is designed to address sexual dysfunction issues in both men and women. Here's why it is so effective for treating sexual dysfunction and erectile dysfunction (ED):

The benefits of REGENlase™:

Non-invasive and gentle: The REGENlase™ treatment is non-invasive, meaning it does not require any incisions or injections. It is a gentle and safe procedure that can be performed in an outpatient setting. For many patients, this non-surgical approach can be preferable to more invasive treatments.

For men:

- For men with erectile dysfunction, the REGENlase™ treatment offers a non-invasive and is an effective option. It utilizes laser energy to improve blood flow and stimulate collagen production in the penile tissue. This can lead to enhanced erectile function, allowing men to achieve and maintain firmer erections.

- REGENlase™ is quick and efficient treatment: REGENlase™ sessions are relatively short, usually taking only a few minutes. Most patients experience minimal discomfort during the procedure and can resume their normal activities immediately afterward. Additionally, the treatment typically requires minimal downtime.

- Low risk of side effects: REGENlase™ is generally well-tolerated, with minimal risk of adverse side effects when performed by a qualified and experienced healthcare professional. Compared to surgical treatments or medications, the risk of complications is considerably lower.

- Long-lasting results: Patients often report long-lasting results after REGENlase™ treatment. The collagen stimulation and tissue rejuvenation can have a lasting positive impact on sexual function and overall sexual well-being.

For women:

- Vaginal rejuvenation in women: REGENlase™ is particularly effective for vaginal rejuvenation in women. It stimulates collagen production in the vaginal walls, which helps improve tissue tone, elasticity, and lubrication. This can address issues like vaginal laxity, dryness, and mild urinary incontinence, ultimately enhancing sexual satisfaction and overall quality of life.

- Treatment of stress urinary incontinence (SUI): For women experiencing stress urinary incontinence, where activities like coughing, sneezing, or exercising lead to unintentional urine leakage, REGENlase™ can be beneficial. By strengthening the vaginal walls, the treatment can help reduce SUI symptoms and improve bladder control.

So happy SWC has a Colleyville office! The place is absolutely beautiful and the staff top notch. Dr. Garza did my pellets and was AMAZING! No bruising at all and completely painless. These have made such a difference in my libido and my husband is a very happy man! Ask about the SHE SHOT when you go. I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you SWC for making such an improvement in my overall wellness!!

J.V. Google

Amazing staff made me feel so comfortable .....very knowledgeable about life changing issues that should not be taboo! Thank you SWC!!

T.M. Google

I am eternally grateful to the Sexual Wellness Centers of America and their Regenmax protocol for transforming my life. They have given me back my confidence, reignited the passion in my relationships, and allowed me to enjoy a fulfilling and satisfying intimate life once again. I wholeheartedly recommend the Sexual Wellness Centers of America and their Regenmax protocol to anyone seeking a comprehensive and effective approach to sexual wellness.

J.D. Google

I'm so greatful to have found SWC of TX! The REGENmax program has worked fantastic. The results have been wonderful and I'm feeling like my once younger self again! I even signed up for the annual maintenace package to ensure the results last well into the future. I highly recommend this program and practice!

T.C. Google

My lab results for my hormones was non existent after my hysterectomy. I thought I was feeling fine, until I had my pellets inserted and then I realized how bad I was feeling! My energy, stamina and drive increased significantly after receiving my pellets. I was nervous about the pellet insertion, but the staff eased my mind and the procedure was quick and easy with minimal discomfort at all. I also completed the vaginal rejuvenation package and feel like a new woman. Definitely recommend.

L. Google


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Our patented REGENlase™ treatment protocol is most effective when combined with REGENwave™, the HEshot® or SHEshot® and ongoing hormone replacement therapy. We treat every client as an individual and all treatment recommendations begin with a medical consultation and blood panel. Call us today to schedule a consultation with our experienced team of medical professionals at Sexual Wellness Centers of America.

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How does REGENlase™ differ from other alternatives?

REGENlase™ is a specific treatment modality that differentiates itself from other alternatives by focusing on non-invasive laser therapy to stimulate natural healing processes in the body. Unlike surgical interventions or pharmacological solutions, REGENlase™ uses laser energy to promote cell regeneration and increase circulation without the need for incisions or drugs. This approach minimizes recovery time and reduces the risk of side effects, making it a distinct option for patients seeking less invasive therapies.

What are the side effects of REGENlase™?

REGENlase™ is generally known for its minimal side effects, particularly when compared to more invasive procedures. However, like any medical treatment, it may have some potential side effects. These can include mild discomfort, redness, or swelling at the treatment site. Typically, these symptoms are temporary and resolve on their own without the need for additional intervention. It's important for patients to discuss any concerns with their healthcare provider to ensure they understand the full scope of potential side effects before starting treatment.

How long will my REGENlase™ results last?

The duration of results from REGENlase™ treatments can vary depending on several factors, including your health, the condition being treated, and your lifestyle choices. Generally, patients may start to see improvements shortly after treatment, with results potentially lasting several months to a year. For sustained benefits, some patients might require follow-up sessions. Our team will work with you and provide you a more personalized expectation and help you determine if additional sessions are needed to maintain the effects of the treatment.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.