REGENmax is proven to reverse ED 97.2% of the time in clinical studies.

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What Is the HEshot?

Sexual Wellness Centers of America is dedicated to providing the most advanced procedures and techniques that help our patients have active, enjoyable sex lives. Erectile dysfunction is a common condition among men that often results in frustration and decreased quality of life. Our providers are proud to offer the HEshot®. While the P-Shot® utilizes platelet-rich plasma, the HEshot is our proprietary formula of tissue regenerative fluid (TRF). TRF is 10x more regenerative than PRP, which aids your body in naturally regenerating new tissue in the inner penis. The HEshot can help Colleyville, TX-area patients have longer-lasting erections, increased sensitivity, and the ability to ejaculate.

How Does the HEshot work?

Once we have determined that you are an ideal candidate for the HEshot, our team will create a custom treatment plan for you. The HEshot injection is a quick and easy procedure, typically performed in about five minutes. Many men find that it only takes one treatment to achieve desired results. We will use a topical numbing cream to ensure that you experience minimal discomfort during your procedure, though most patients report experiencing less than minimal discomfort. Many patients will experience an immediate improvement in their sexual performance following their treatment. Optimal results can be reached within 3 – 4 months.

I'm so greatful to have found SWC of TX! The REGENmax program has worked fantastic. The results have been wonderful and I'm feeling like my once younger self again! I even signed up for the annual maintenace package to ensure the results last well into the future. I highly recommend this program and practice!

T.C. Google

My lab results for my hormones was non existent after my hysterectomy. I thought I was feeling fine, until I had my pellets inserted and then I realized how bad I was feeling! My energy, stamina and drive increased significantly after receiving my pellets. I was nervous about the pellet insertion, but the staff eased my mind and the procedure was quick and easy with minimal discomfort at all. I also completed the vaginal rejuvenation package and feel like a new woman. Definitely recommend.

L. Google

Words will never express how wonderful this place is and how much it has helped me. It is truly a Godsend to have found out that such a fantastic center even exists. I truly believe that this is the way healthcare needs to go to be effective. They understand that you need to treat the whole person, not just hand out prescriptions. I am much healthier overall from their guidance than I ever was with “traditional” doctors, who just want to rush you in & out and throw meds at you. If you’re frustrated and struggling with sexual wellness or hormone balancing I highly recommend Sexual Wellness Centers of Texas! I’m so excited they are opening a new location closer to me in Colleyville too!!

C.S. Google

I went to SWC if Texas and met Jeff and his staff, they made me feel comfortable about my ED issues. I got the complete package and I must say, they did a great job getting me on track and at 59, it’s the best I’ve felt. I perform like I’m in my twenties, to the point my wife said, “put that thing away”. Although the package I chose is very expensive, it’s an investment in my life and I have conquered ED. It’s worth it, and I encourage any of you guys that have suffered from ED, to make that investment. It’s worth it. Thanks again to Jeff and his staff. They’re my heroes.

A.L. Google

After going here, I am convinced anyone could benefit from their knowledge. Not pushy at all, very informative and welcoming. I had a lot of questions and they took the time to answer them fully. If you’re even considering this, don’t walk - run to this place! Professional, efficient, discreet, and easy in and out. And the results…wow! My wife and I are both very pleased. I’ll be back for sure and now my wife is becoming a patient too. Yes!!

W.V. Google


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Innovative Treatments for Improved Sexual Health

The HEshot from Sexual Wellness Centers of America can help individuals optimize their sexual function and their confidence. We are committed to using modern technology and a patient-focused approach to care to help Colleyville, TX patients make the most of their sexual health. Take the first step towards enjoying your sexual wellness again by scheduling a consultation today.

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How long does a typical HEshot session take?

A standard HEshot session typically takes around 15 – 30 minutes, making it a quick and convenient option for individuals seeking a boost in essential nutrients without the need for a lengthy medical procedure.

Is HEshot suitable for everyone?

HEshot may be suitable for many individuals seeking nutritional support, but it is essential to consult with a member of our team Sexual Wellness Centers of America to determine individual suitability, considering factors such as medical history and existing health conditions.

What is the recommended frequency of HEshot sessions?

The recommended frequency of HEshot sessions can vary based on individual needs and health goals. Some individuals may choose to receive HEshots regularly for ongoing health maintenance, while others may opt for occasional sessions for specific benefits.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.